It was, but now no more

I did a 30-Day-Yoga-Challenge. I watched and listened to Gary Vaynerchuk. I snapped with Ali Mahlodji. I dropped out of college. Now, I feel great which I didn't for a while now.

April 23, 2017

I actually rewrote the following part like 3 to 4 times. But I am actually not that good as a writer, so I kept it short and splitted the story into small paragraphs.


October 2016

Another semester in the college started. New semester, new excitement, new motivation. But, after a couple of weeks studying it happened – as the years before. The Excitement, gone and transformed into boredom & listlessness. The Motivation, gone and transformed into demotivation & laziness.


November 2016

I decided to do a 30-Day-Yoga-Challenge. I was very happy and proud & I realized something very important for myself. I was able to take the time to do it. Every Day. 30 Days in a row. I was missing that determination for a long time before that.

Gary Vaynerchuk

I was introduced to Gary Vaynerchuk around 2013. And dude, that energy, determination, awareness, skill, hustle, passion.. name it. But, what is it worth for me? Actually nothing. Until I realized what value I could get out of all the videos, instagram-posts, facebook-posts, snaps, medium-posts and all.

Now I do. Literally.


Ali Mahlodji

Great person, great entrepreneur. Discovered him because of the amazing work he is doing. Helped me to understand, that I have to decide for myself first. Had a great snapchat conversation with him.


January 2017

I dropped out of college. After, during & as a result of the combination of all the described feelings & events from above. Oh boy, that was a relieve and actually one of the easiest decisions I made so far. ( Tell that to the first people I told that I dropped out ^^ ).


And Now

I am happy, excited, feeling great and very thankful for my family and friends who accepted my decision.

Now, it is time to go all in. My plan? Take risks, changes, be patient, put in the work and the time to get there, where I want to go.


My future is mine.