Trying out: Gutenberg

Gutenberg. The thing that opens up a ton of possibilites.

June 20, 2017

With this post I wanted to document the experience with the new content editor Gutenberg for WordPress so far.

First thing I noticed was the super clean and neat interface. Very intuitive and easy to use. Already at this point, I can say: This is pretty much the content editor you’ve been probably looking for.

The current version ( 0.1.0 ) is stated as “meant for development only” and it seems like a bit. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to install and discover it. I will follow the plugin closely so I don’t miss any updates and will also communicate them.

So far the already existing blocks work well, as long as you have defined the styles for them. I also noticed that there are already functions available to register custom blocks for server side rendering ( ‘register_block_type’ ), but did not yet figure out, how to include them in Gutenberg itself.

Small issues I noticed, that not all functions on the UI work correctly – at least on my installation. I don’t know yet if it’s browser related ( used Chrome and Firefox ) or an issue with an installed plugin or else.

As for me, I am definitely switching to Gutenberg despite the small issues I issued. It just has so much potential, which I am sure of that, will be used in the near future and I will be ready for that!