This is what I do

My work in web development started with simple and static websites. It’s been a long way since then. On this page, I want to show some selected projects with interesting insights. This is still in progress, so I just wrote a little summary what I am into at the moment.


WordPress, DevOps & better code

WordPress is my daily business. I discovered WordPress around 2012 when version 3.5 was released. Since then I am developing custom themes & plugins. What I really like about WordPress is the community, the ongoing development and the number of possibilities how to use WordPress. With the built-in REST-API, there is probably no scenario you can’t work on.

What I missed the last couple of month was the whole DevOps-Topic. I am really glad that we are making some big steps at the agency to automate as much as possible. So there are some topics which I am involved at the moment – like composer, webpack, gulp, deployments via git, etc.

Additionally I am trying to step up my game with better testing and code quality. So I am trying to include tasks like unit-testing and code reviews into my daily developer tasks – as they should be already.


Upcoming: Laravel & VueJS

Looking forward to get more into the framework Laravel in combination with VueJS. A college and I working on a small team project inside the agency building a small web application with a WordPress plugin as an extension.